This post by MiniTool brings together the 5 best crypto YouTube channels. Some of the crypto YouTube channels are good for beginners, while others are more advanced and useful for learning about crypto trading, and still, others teach you how to make money with crypto.

Twitter is usually the best place to get real-time crypto updates and technical analysis (TA), as YouTube videos can be slightly out of date at the time of production and upload, while tweets are instant.

Many of the top traders on “CT” (cryptocurrency Twitter) are also active on YouTube, where they post general market commentary and news updates, as well as occasional live trading.


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#1. Jacob Crypto Bury

Jacob Bury is a successful blockchain investor as well as a technical analyst. He knows how to break down technical information and apply relevant data to identify trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

This YouTuber excels at simplifying complex crypto concepts. Also, he makes a lot of videos about how to trade cryptocurrencies on popular platforms like TradingView. This makes the channel one of the best YouTube crypto channels to get started in this market.

Additionally, Jacob Bury regularly posts price forecasts and market updates. This channel was one of the few to discover the top trending cryptocurrencies, like Tamadoge and Mithril. Tamadoge raised more than $19 million in one of the top 2022 crypto presales.

Moreover, Jacob offers a free Discord group where his YouTube subscribers can interact with each other and ask questions, which is more convenient than the YouTube comments section. Jacob Crypto Bury has a following of over 11.3K subscribers as of writing.

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#2. Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is also one of the best crypto YouTube channels on our list. Run Neuner is the host of the channel and is a chartered financial analyst with extensive experience in crypto trading and investing.

He publishes several videos each day, some of which look at the fundamental analysis, while others provide market updates. The Crypto Banter team currently consists of several members who provide their insights and opinions on digital tokens and beyond.

The Crypto Banter YouTube channel is the first blockchain-centric live streaming platform. While the video is streaming, viewers can interact with Run and other subscribers.

In addition, Crypto Banter has a full-fledged website of the same name that provides additional content like market research and news updates. As of writing, Crypto Banter has over 606K subscribers on YouTube.

#3. 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoins is one of the best crypto channels on YouTube that explains the basic concepts of the crypto market. It publishes educational content displayed in such a way that even a complete newbie can understand it.

This channel also has a website that provides courses on crypto investing and trading. Originally, 99Bitcoins was a website with the domain name

As the name suggests, it provides a service that explains how to buy Bitcoin using PayPal. The website changed its name to 99Bitcoins after a legal complication led them to remove PayPal from the domain.

The platform’s chairman, Ofir Beigel, identified a gap in the field where there are few easy-to-understand, practical guides on cryptocurrencies. This prompted him to start a YouTube channel in 2015. 99Bitcoins has more than 710K subscribers as of writing.

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#4. CryptosRUs

One of the top crypto YouTube channels on this list is CryptosRUs. In 2017, George Tung launched the CryptoRUs YouTube channel. He has significant experience in the industry of IT and programming, which makes his channel a reliable source for discussing blockchain technology.

This crypto investor does in-depth basic analysis, so the channel can help subscribers understand the best long-term cryptos in the space. CryptoRUs also provides a variety of content on cryptocurrencies, from crypto news and basic analysis to interviews.

This channel posts two videos each day. The first video focuses on the major economic news of the day, including developments that could have an impact on the cryptocurrency market. The second video usually includes an interview, a Q&A session, or a market analysis. As of writing, there are over 658K subscribers on the CryptoRUs channel.

#5. Ivan On Tech

The Ivan On Tech YouTube channel mainly looks at interviews. Ivan Liljeqvist, the host, invites prominent figures in the world of cryptocurrencies and technology. These interviews are designed to gain insight into various issues regarding the crypto market.

In addition, these videos address complex issues that have an impact on the crypto industry. Ivan doesn’t often upload videos, but when he does, they are generally well-received. The videos are highly detailed and available for extensive study.

Ivan on Tech also offers informative videos on specific cryptocurrencies. The videos often cover popular topics in the crypto world. The channel has more than 491K subscribers as of writing.

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Bottom Line

Among the best crypto YouTube channels mentioned above, there must be something you want to follow. Now, you can choose to watch any of the channels according to your needs.

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